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Someone broke into my car and stole my cell phone >.< FML, it makes putting in job applications pointless because how are they going to call me? The joke's on them, though. It takes up to 20 minutes to sent a simple 5 word text, since the screen is so busted. Lol.
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This is a bento of Black Hayate from the anime Full Metal Alchemist. There's fried chicken bits with some questionable looking strawberries and cucumber slices. Black Hayate was made from rice and nori, pretty simple. The red sakura is bell pepper and the orange flowers are carrots.
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Not bento related one bit. Selling stuff feedback

If you've bought from me, please leave feedback in this thread. Alternatively, here is a link to my ebay account I've had for the past few years, full of beautiful, positive feed back.

On bento related news, thinking about making one tonight~ I'm working 40 hours a week so it's hard to motivate myself to make one, but I have a pretty good idea~
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Luna P

So I haven't made a bento for Sailor Moon yet, so I thought I should rectify that situation. For those of you who don't know me, Sailor Moon has been my favorite anime since I was in the fourth grade. When I moved to Tennessee, I would pack my moon crescent wand, locket, and favorite stuffed animal with me in hopes that it would let me know I was Sailor Moon. I had a pretty active imagination for a period of time.......

Fried chicken bits, black berries and zucchini with mushrooms. Luna P was made from rice, provolone, food markers, a little dyed noodle and bologna. Okay, this is not going to be eaten by me, definitely for the boyfriend. I don't even think he knows who Luna P is, but....ahem. Bologna is something I can't eat.

One day I'll make a bento for me to eat. But when I work at a restaurant, I already get free food there so I figure there's no point in packing a lunch... :/

When I made Luna P, I almost forgot her ears at first until I looked at a picture. XD
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New bento oh em gee

I decided to go simple, not too much work. I had just gotten off a six hour wrong I was.

The food prep itself was rather simple, except that I added too much water to the rice, unwisely. I was tied up trying to apply the food marker to the cheese....

Which turned into the Shinra logo from the game FFVII, my favorite video game ever. I didn't think it would be too much of a challenge until I got to the last kaniji (I believe that's what it is). Then it was oh em gee difficult. But the Betty crocker food writers were well worth the money, the wilton ones would have given up 1/4 of the way through.

There's a panda pick in the black berries and sweet and sour chicken with white rice. The broccoli is a little barrier. <3

I can imagine Tseng, a Wutai native eating this. (I think they were supposed to be a chinese/japanese hybrid culture~)

Five colors? Heck no. Delicious? Yes.
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omfg brief update.

So. Haven't been here in a while. Brief updates-
1. camera died
2. laptop died
3. went to momocon
4. got a new car
5. went to animazement
6. getting ready for dragon con/awa
7. Working a lot.

So, does this excuse the lack of bentos? Maybe? Just a little? No? Aherm. I plan on making a bento tomorrow and trying to warm myself back into the swing of things...and look at cameras to get an idea on what sort I want.
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super old bentos

It's been a while since I've posted, but things have been crazy. I've been switch to nights, which is unfortunate. I make lunches, but they're not that cute or anything. But hopefully, within this week, I'll make a really good lookin' bento that will pass as a better ones. I'm going to upload some more old ones I found pictures of; I think they're at least 2 years old, lol.
AWA kept me busy, but I'm done with conventions until next year.

Mexican bento! <3 There's seasoned ground beef, refried beans, diced tomato, kiwi, tortillas and soeme sauce in the bottle. This is possibly the only bento ever that the boyfriend actually ate the lettuce liner.

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Bento post

Here's some more of a backlog. The ones I've made this week have been taken via cell phone camera and I can't post them until I can send them to the room mate, who is at Dragon Con with my good camera. Kinda bad when I finally have time off and inspiration with this week's Bento Challenge. Eleanor Rigby, watch out.

Lightly Fried pork chops, baked beans, cheese, pears, cuke flowers and ranch in the apple.

This is a vegetarian bento. Boyfriend let me know he felt like he was missing meat. So, I doubt if I'll get a chance to do this again. Quiches, corn on cob, pears, tangelo slice and banana stars.

Octodogs, thinly sliced carrots and cukes (left over from trying to make sushi),banana flowers and a tangelo slice.

So I tried for crab dogs. Not quite so good, sorta looks like nightmare trees, lol. cuke slices, a tiny tomato, tangelo, a cheese and left over fried rice

Left over chinese, fried rice, kiwi, shredded carrots, cuke slices, tangelo, gyoza and another tiny tomato, mmm.
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